Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

This morning I was in the mood to try something fun in the kitchen. Not long ago I saw a recipe for Earl Grey infused hot chocolate, and was anxious to try it. But let's face the fact, we don't have any fancy ingredients that so many Pinterest recipes call for.

So, I made do with what we have in the kitchen. Things that perhaps normal people have in their pantry. ;) My recipe is as follows:

Simple Earl Grey Hot Chocolate

1 pouch of your favorite hot chocolate mix
3/4 cup hot almond milk (or any milk you use)
1/2 tsp. earl grey leaves
1/4 cup boiling water

Empty pouch in your favorite mug. Save a pinch of the dry mix for the top if you want to be fancy. Set aside.

Steep your tea leaves in water long enough to give the water enough flavor, being careful that the tea isn't to golden in color, but not a deep red color either. Maybe 3 or 4 minutes? Strain into your mug, and mix with your hot chocolate.

After frothing (use an aerolatte frother or something similar to get foam for the top), pour the milk into your mug but holding back the foam with a large spoon. Mix your drink well. Scoop foam on top and sprinkle the pinch of chocolate mix on top.

Take pictures and make a blog post about it! ;)


Laura said...

Sounds delish! I will try. I just heard about the aero latte frother the other day and it immediately went on my wish list. Happily I have an Amazon gift card waiting to be used... :)

Cheri said...

It's fun for a different flavor! I'm wondering now about trying this with different teas, like an orange one.

My sister owns the aerolatte frother, and is very kind to let me use it. It's not like what I do at Starbucks, but it works. :)