Tuesday, September 03, 2013

When You Need Something Different

When some friends of mine had asked if I could help them out with their estate sales a couple winter's back, they also added that I'd be helping with handling the money alongside with making sure nothing was stolen.
Right away my mind was thinking of all the different aprons I make and realizing that none of them offered what I would find useful for handling money. Adorable, yes. Functional, yes. That is, for the kitchen or other household duties, but one having at least three big pockets? No.
With no time to make one up, I went to the thrift store and purchased a used and very ugly half apron that had three big functional pockets. Determined that I would someday make cute aprons off it, I tucked it away in my closet until I had some time this summer.
My dear ladies, before you is The Shopkeeper's Apron. Simple, functional and adorable all in one! Your fellow market ladies at the produce or boiled peanut stands will be sure to look on with envy. ;)

It's up for grabs in my etsy shop if you've been looking for such an apron!

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