Saturday, October 05, 2013

Vintage Herringbone Wool

Blame it on my old-fashioned upbringing, my love for vintage fashions, or maybe it was seeing an oversized chair at the furniture store in a similar fabric (finely trimmed in leather) that got me fascinated with this timeless design.   I was delighted to find a large piece of vintage wool in a herringbone pattern on etsy not long ago.

The thickness and drape is perfect.

The kind seller even sent a package of brown seam lace trim along with the fabric. You'd think that with my love for vintage things I would have used seam binding like this by now, but no. I'm thinking it will be used with this fabric in some way.

Some vintage buttons from my stash are begging to be used, too.

And I have the perfect pattern to implement all these things. Can hardly wait to get started! It will look, shall we say, vintage. ;)


~ Shannon said...

What a lovely find! The buttons and the seam binding are just perfect, too. I can't wait to see what you do with it! :-)


Cheri said...

Thanks, Shannon. I have it all sewn up, I just need to have pictures taken to post! Hopefully it won't be to much longer. :)