Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Favorites

I caved in. I'm listening to Christmas now, thanks to my music theory teacher. This week he introduced us to the new Christmas CD he and his wife just came out with, and if we bought one he would give us a discount. College students like discounts. :)

So for this edition of favorite things, I thought I'd share two new Christmas CDs that have been released this year. Beginning with the one I just mentioned, this is a very festive collection of carols written for harp, saxophone, and strings. Now to be honest, when I heard that combination my immediate thought was, "interesting" but after hearing it, I can say that it is beautifully and tastefully done. It can be ordered here or if you'd like to immediately download it, they have that option on their personal website here.

The other CD is one that my sister has done with strictly harp music and on all five of her harps. She's made multiple CDs of hymn arrangements, but after many requests, she finally came out with a Christmas one. :) Her arrangements vary from soothing to majestic and worshipful. You just might be like some of her customers and just leave it in the CD tray during the whole Christmas season. ;) Her CD can be ordered from her website.

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