Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Downton Breakfast

My last morning at home before I left for another college semester, I put together a Downton-inspired breakfast for my sisters and I. A friend of my sister's had given her a box of scone mix and a some orange marmalade prior to Christmas, and it was such a hit at our house that I picked up a box of scone mix at the store to make again. :) True, I suppose I could have just made my own like I usually do, but decided to splurge. :)

I liked how simple they were to put together (shape into balls, flatten them down, cut into fourths, and bake!) and they turned out perfectly.

Ahh, so yummy with orange marmalade, but I think any other jam or jelly would do when there is no marmalade to be had. If my gooseberry bush produces enough this summer, I'm thinking gooseberry jam would be perfectly delicious.

That morning we savored and sipped the English Rose tea that was one of my gifts for Christmas. It's a lovely floral and berry flavored tea. It's similar to Tazo's "Passion" tea, but the tea container is a great deal prettier. :)

I brought a scone box with me to the Carolina's and am thinking of doing a Downton breakfast for my roommate's birthday in the spring. She'll be 30, and it will be fun to do something for her that is up her alley.

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Sarah said...

Looks delicious! Scones and a cup of tea are the perfect combination. I am sure your friend will enjoy her birthday surprise. : )