Friday, July 24, 2015


It's hard to believe how fast the summer has been flying by. Part of the reason for the rate of speed at which it feels is most likely largely due to working so much. Tomorrow will close out my work week at nearly 50 hours of work. Though I'm around a constant supply of caffeine, my days mainly consist of sleep and being a barista. If there is any spare time it's usually squeezing in violin lessons between work and naps, or spending a few moments in my gardens. Oh the quiet and much-need havens they've become this summer!

With working so much I haven't been in the sewing room as much as I had originally planned for the summer, but that's okay. I think I should be able to eventually finish the 1930s frock I started, sew up another 1940s Gracie apron, and sew some Tasha Tudor styled-aprons before I head back for school in a few weeks.

If you only follow my blog and not my etsy shop, I'll make a quick note to mention that I eventually found time to list the rest of my historical stash online. The 1914 white dress is in my etsy shop here and then my Edwardian shoes had to be listed on ebay.

Enjoy the rest of your July!


Carie Dirks said...


What a beautiful and peaceful picture!! If this is your view from somewhere at home I can see how your "breakfast on the weekend" with the white wicker would be even more enjoyable. I pray you are able to find a nice serene and peaceful spot somewhere to go to while in school too. A body needs the quite and peaceful moments to refresh and be strengthened in God's Word and to just know His presence.

I enjoy your blog and sewing skills, I think this is the first time to comment on your blog, but I do look forward to your posts. (I have purchased once from etsy. :)) May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless your next few weeks at home and may HE be with you at school and lead your days.


Lauren | Musings of a Flower Child said...

That photo is just beautiful! I hope your summer becomes a little bit more restful before it comes to an end!

Cheri said...

Hello Carie!

Thankyou so much for taking the time to comment and say hello! (And I think I recognize your name from an etsy order). :) It's nice to know that depite my unfrequent posts, especially during the school year, and the lack of sewing-related ones lately, that people still enjoy stopping by to read.

And thanks to you for your sweet encouragement. God is always faithful!


Cheri said...

Hi Lauren!

My summer has been anything but restful, but I think it might work out for me to be able to get a few days of rest shortly before the fall semester begins. Thankyou for your well wishes! :)