Wednesday, August 24, 2016

As I Promised

In the last couple of posts I've eluded to "the last apron" and this morning I finished the last apron made for the shop. It was fun to put together with vintage lace and rick rack. I even found a golden button from my stash. It certainly has an autumn-ish flavor to it, one that you haven't seen yet this summer. :)
But think of the pumpkin spice lattes, the apple picking and fresh donuts at the local orchard, nippy weather for plaid scarves, boots for jumping through autumn rain, potted mums on the front porch, or the smell of pie in the oven. This apron seems to embody all of the delights of an autumn in the country.
See it in the shop here. And one last reminder that the coupon code 15SALE will expire at 5pm on the 25th (that is tomorrow) if you're wanting to place an order and save money at the same time! ::wink::


Kelly-Anne said...

Ah, dear Cheri... This apron is simply exquisite! I love the fabric you certainly does have an Autumny charm to it! {{smiles}}
I am so glad you got to do sewing this is a joy, isn't it??
Have a wonderful, blessed week further!

Cheri said...


Thanks for your kind words! Hope the rest of your week is just as nice!

Sarah said...


You always have a knack for choosing the perfect trims and accents to coordinate with your apron fabrics! This apron is a real beauty, and does bring to mind the fall season that will arrive so soon.


Cheri said...


You're so sweet. :) It's neat how God will bring stuff together, based on what I already have on hand. Some aprons are more fun to sew (as you know, I'm sure!) and this one was certainly fun.