Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Do all good things come to an end...?

After pulling in this afternoon from a family trip out west, I downloaded pictures (I want to say I took around 1,000), and checked my e-mail, I saw that I received an e-mail from where we purchased our domain site, and our site expires in 90 days.

For the last six months, we've contemplated shutting our business down. I have had visions of it branching into a ministry of some kind, but maybe they are just dreams.

Do I here any thoughts or ideas?


Dana said...

Hello, Cheri--
I've never bought anything from your website because I sew most things myself. If you do close your site, please be sure to keep up your blog! I enjoy seeing your photos and you always are cheerful. By the way, I just discovered your tatted bookmarks! Once I have an extra dollar or so, I'll have to order one. They are lovely!

Cheri said...


Thanks for the enouragment! =) Getting little notes such as this always brighten our day!

Sommer said...

I too have yet to buy anything from your website, although the many things are lovely. I just don't have the funds now. However, I agree with Dana...do keep the blog. It is fun to read and see what you are doing.


Loretta said...

Yes, please do keep the blog even if you decide to close the website! I thoroughly enjoy 'checking in' on you and keeping up with your wonderfully cheery posts! :)

Rachel said...

Do keep the blog...I'd miss you if you didn't. :) As for the business side of things, could you still make some money selling things on E-bay but not keep up the site? Just a thought...

Cheri said...

I would probably keep the blog, although I don't see how people enjoy it! =)

I'd keep on sewing historical things, Rachel, but I doubt the apparel we make for the website would sell on ebay... I'll just have to see how Lord will direct.

Anonymous said...

I'm late replying to this post but I just found your blog and consequently, your site. You might want to consider just putting pictures up on your blog and selling items that way. (Is that allowed?-not sure, but it's a thought)
I think that many of us who would buy from you either sew for ourselves or because we live on one income, are unable to buy on a regular basis. Your work is lovely and I hate to see you give it up but do understand that you must consider the expense.
I'm sure you will be praying for direction and know that God is faithful and will show you what to do.