Friday, July 06, 2007

The machines are buzzing

Today I have locked myself in the sewing room to tackle my growing mountain of fabrics. I say growing because one can hardly contain herself when JoAnn's has such great deals right now and I'm seeing some tropical breeze fabric that I really like over at Works of the Heart and Gehman's Country Fabrics. =)

So what have I been sewing? Take a look:

I finished up this girls dress that was made out of a purple calico tropical breeze, which is now up for sale. This pattern was one that my youngest sister Molly wore often for many years. It's hard to believe that she is no long a little girl, but is becoming a young woman who will be 13 this October!

The item that I started afterwards was a 1930 to 1940-ish apron. I had some extra matieral after I made one up for Leah (my sister who is 18) and after loving the way it turned out, I'm making another one to sell. The only difference between the two is that I'm adding some large apricot colored buttons to the pockets for a little extra "touch."

Making aprons is so much fun for me (as making nightgowns is Erin's, my older sister who will be 25 this fall, favorite) and I am inclined to believe that one can never have to many aprons! Does anyone agree with me? =) I'd love to hear about them and what your favorite patterns are!


Sommer said...

I do love aprons, although I only have one right now. It was made special for me by a blog-friends daughter.
I don't always remember to put it on, but it is lovely and so very handy.


Cheri said...

Aren"t you from the S&S board? I recognize this name and blog!

Sommer said...

Yes I am Cheri:-) That is how I found your blog...I've really enjoyed it. My username is Sommerbreeze there :-)


Cheri said...

Ah, ok! =) Well, I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

Ruth said...

I still love the dress you made Lydia like that! The fabric is so nice and I love that it doesn't require ironing! =D