Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy results!

A favorite blouse given to me by a friend was reluctantly torn apart and I made a pattern off of it, and made the above blouse from it. And guess what, it fits! =D

It is always sad to tear apart things (this summer Erin took apart a long time favorite nightgown that we had for ::cough:: 10 years) but then we can make patterns off them, and make many more just like it.

Does anyone else do that or are we just odd? =)


Lauren Christine said...

I think thats a great idea... but I don't know if I'm brave enough :) I would be terrified of ruining everything! Your blouse looks lovely though, so congratulations on your new pattern!~

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that blouse pattern, it is very feminine and pretty. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to take something apart to try making it. Especially if it's something I really like I'd hate to lose it and not know how the end product would turn out. My sisters are braver than me, so! Anyhow, maybe you should make a pattern to sell! :) ~ Ruth Ann

Laura said...

Cheri, I have done that once, but I think I messed up somehow because the resulting dress was too tight at my hips. Any suggestions for getting accurate tracings? (One problem might have been that most of the pieces were on the bias, and somehow they were stretched in the wrong direction when I laid them out.)

Anyway, your blouse looks great! I love the neckerchief collar look.

Cheri said...

Thanks, Ladies!

Laura, with taking things apart (sewing machine stitch, and serge), and then making a pattern off of it, we just make sure where ever the main seam was, to add enough allowance to the pattern, so we can sew on 5/8." I'll take my little ruler along the seam, and then trace at 5/8."

Hmm, I haven't worked much with things being traced on a bias, so I wouldn't know how to help you there.