Friday, September 14, 2007

1909 "Beatrix" Shirtwaist

So why has it been silent on this blog recently? It is two-fold: I've been practicing violin for hours a day, and in my "spare time" I've been working on what is now, a finished 1909 "Beatrix" Shirtwaist!
I think has joined the ranks of one of the most complicated things I done with sewing. Not hard, just complicated. The pattern was very easy to understand, and to put together.

This one features a netting-insert in the bodice with lace following the seam line, leg-o-mutton sleeves (they ended up not having any gathers where the sleeves and cuffs meet, since I had alter the cuffs, and forgot to do so to the sleeves).

The pattern suggests pearl buttons, but I decided to go the cheaper way with some clouded white ones that have a little trim around the edges.

Arabella seemed to agree that my brooch helps set off the blouse. =)
On my sewing agenda, I have the following items that I'd like to sew within the next couple weeks:
  • 1909 Beatrix Walking Skirt (to sell along with this shirtwaist, on ebay)
  • 2 aprons using some vintage fabric
  • a plaid jumper for the autumn season
  • a peasant shirt to go along with my brown corduroy skirt.
  • a couple Regency gowns to sell on ebay

Stay tuned for reports and pictures of these! =)


Leah said...

Ooo! Me likes it. ;)

Sommer said...

It really looks quite lovely! I, too think the brooch goes quite nicely with it:-)

Cheri said...

Thankyou! =)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! You are such an amazing seamstress!! It looks just like something off of "Miss Potter"!!!!


Cheri said...

Why I'm flattered, thankyou! I have yet to see Miss Potter, but I hear that she has some delicious apparel. =)