Friday, September 14, 2007

The Return of the Daughters

I've wanted to post this for awhile, and so while it may not have anything to do with sewing/modesty, I think that it will be very encouraging for daughters who are at home and who have chosen to go against the culture of this world:
I know I have been greatly challenged (and I pray: changed!) by their book, So Much More, that was written for daughters as well. If you are not familar with it, the above website will tell you more, and a cheaper place to buy it would be over at Crystal's website (click on the link: Biblical Womanhood) or do a search for it on ebay. Of course, it depends on how your heart is when you first open the cover, but I would venture to say that it will bring a dramatic change in your heart and life!


Leah said...

This looks really good!! Infact, I still have yet to read 'So Much More.' Sarah B. has really recommended me to read it. ;) You know, I feel like calling her -- I haven't talked to her for over a month! *gasp*

Love you, sissy. ;)

Elisabeth said...

I've been eagerly looking forward to that DVD's release for awhile! I can hardly wait!

Btw, "So Much More" was a really challenging book. I read it almost 2 years ago, but every once in a while crack the cover again to keep the material fresh!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for telling us about this