Tuesday, November 20, 2007

General sewing

I haven't been doing a great deal of sewing lately. Lots of stuff to sew, but little inspiration to do it... =)

The aprons that I mentioned awhile ago are still "in cuts" on my table, and so I hope to have them finished and listed on ebay within the next week or two. It depends if I go out of state for violin lessons... Leah gave me a blue/green plaid that will someday be made into a jumper for myself. I have so many jumper patterns that I'm not exactly sure which one to do it in!

And amongst the historical line of things, I STILL have yet to sew up the green velvet spencer jacket (Regency era), a brown twill to make in an Edwardian skirt, and I just bought some ivory silk for a Regency gown. Oh, and I almost forgot the green stripe shirting for the 1850's ensemble that I'm going to attempt to put together. It may not be as "period correct" as I was hoping, but I think it will do for what I'm wearing it for.

I am just about finished with a girls dress from that pattern that I used to make my youngest sister's dress. I wasn't sure which size to use for her, and ended up doing the larger of the two, and so I'll have a girls size 12 to sell, if anyone is interested in it. It is of different fabric, though with a detachable antique collar. It sort of looks like a "Road to Avonlea" style dress.

Ah, just typing this all out overwhelms me! =) Should I set a goal of finishing it all by Near Years Day? I don't think I'll ask for accountability, just in case I can't get it all done...


Erin said...

Don't set the goal of it all being done by New Years - you'll just overwhelm yourself! :)
I'd say set smaller ones like 'by the end of next week I want to have 2 aprons and the jacket finnished' and when those are finnished set another goal. so much easier!

Cheri said...

LOL, thankyou! =)