Saturday, December 29, 2007

Aprons in the shop

Just a little heads up to let you all know that I have listed a couple aprons up on ebay. (For now, I'll sell up there and keep etsy back in mind...)

Curious to see them?

I saw this darling apron pattern several days ago, but didn't bid on it. There is no way I'd pay THAT much for it! Maybe I'm just stingy, but as much as I love vintage things, I will not pay $50 for a pattern.


Rachel said...

That is a cute apron. Wonder how hard it would be to copy?

Cheri said...

I know, I was thinking I could use my 30's pattern as a base and go from there... Maybe someday when I have time. =)

Lauren Christine said...

I have that pattern!!! But not the vintage one. Someone reprinted it. I can't remember which company and the number, but if you'd like, I'll dig through my pattern box and find it. I made it out of red polka dots with white trim. Its my favorite apron!

Cheri said...

Oh really Lauren?! I'd love to have a similar apron! =)

Lylah said...

very sweet aprons...good for you! i've been working on some aprons for my's some of my work: