Thursday, December 13, 2007

A little Christmas cheer

When I was a little girl I can always remember how excited my sisters and I were to hang little felt crafts on the door knobs in our cozy little house. To the three little girls (at the time), they added "the final touch" in Christmas decorating. It was either when we moved to the Pacific oceanside of the country, or from just plain wear 'n tear but that little tradition faded away for many years. This year, that old tradition has come alive again. While they don't bring "warm fuzzies" as when I was a child, making them brought back a lot of fun memories...
Felt, glitter glue, ribbon, and various cut-out shapes of snowmen, trees, stars, and snowflakes make this project fun!

Decorated with "jingle bells"

All finished and waiting for the glue to dry

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