Saturday, December 15, 2007

What is red & white with black all over?

Another apron! =)
The front view

The back view

I told a friend that I rarely make two aprons alike, and with this one I decided to use lace.

I'd offer this up on ebay or such to sell, but "a local" saw it and immediately snatched it up before I could barely blink. But if you are seriously interested in an apron like this, let me know and I may be able to find some more fabric just like it. And also, I finally found some limited supply of identical fabric that was made up into this favorite apron. I am ordering some, but there won't be enough to go around. So, speak up if you'd like an apron out of either. ::wink::
Which brings on a question: Do any of you have experience with I have had an account there (peasantcottage) just because in the past I have considered selling homemade items there; aprons being one of the many fun ideas... and I was just curious what it's like over there. I may quit my part-time job outside the home do to recent happenings, and I need to earn income.


Rebecca said...

Well, I couldn't make your other 'let me know' link to work... and I would like to know how much you sell your aprons for - I loved both of the teacup/teapot ones!

Also, I do have a little shop at Etsy... one piece of advice - it takes either a lot of advertising for yourself (Etsy doesn't seem too well known) or you have to buy quite a few things to get your name out. If you would like to email me about any more questions, how about you 'convo' me at my store -, and I'll give you my email there (then I don't have to put my email out for everyone to see =)

Thanks! Have a great day!

Btw, I'm good friends with Andrea H. =)

Cheri said...

Hello Rebecca,

I changed the link now, so it should work to e-mail me. =) For some reason blogger has been given me fits with that lately.

Ah, I have been to your store before! You have some cute things up there.

Thanks for your tips too. =)


mommato4 said...

So BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your material!!! It would be perfect for serving at a tea party!! I would almost not want to wear it, it's so pretty!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Cheri said...

Thankyou. =) I know, I would be tempted to make one for myself, but I'd hate to wear it for fear of it getting stained and what-not. I usually end up with small simple calicos, or a solid white or cream. =)

Merry Christmas!