Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sneak Preview of 1850's inspired outfit

The skirt has pleats galore. I could have done gathers, but with such a full skirt, and the fabric being striped, pleats just seemed to suit it. I would venture to say that the hem circumference would be around 130" or so.

And the vest, which will be a modern pattern, is going to be made out a silky black shirting type of fabric with subtle black stripes. I had 8 silver vintage buttons that I thought would go well on this. Later on I hope to make a jacket very much like this one, which would make the outfit more historically accurate.

I was going to go all out on this for our music performance, even with proper "underpinnings," but after being scared away by looking at Simplicity's instructions for a corset, I decided to forego that idea.
At the moment I am searching online for a snood to wear, to fit in better with the time period, rather than my black scarf. I wear a scarf all the time anyway, so I wouldn't mind wearing it to the event, but wearing a snood would add an extra "touch." =)

So this ensemble will not be period correct ... more along the lines of a "costume" but I think that it shall be fun to wear. I'll be sure to post pictures when everything is finished.


Michelle said...

Don't let corset instructions scare you away! They're really not that hard.

Cheri said...

Regency stays were actually quite easy I found, although time consuming. I figured that civil war era corsets would be the same, but seeing the list of matierals and so forth that I would need, scared me away. Maybe someday when I have money to spend on un-needed stuff, I buy one ready-made... =)

Rachel said...

Do you find that being period-correct can become almost an obsession? :) Once you get started with costumes in a certain area it seems that you just don't stop. I am not sure if I'll make stays for our Colonial events...if I make stays, then I have to make new costumes to fit with them, and so on...

Cheri said...

Rachel, to answer your question, YES. =) ...It is especially bad considering that I really have no occasion to wear my "Regency correct" outfit anywhere. =P Well, perhaps if I were to attend an English Country dance, but that hasn't happened yet.

But even still. Who cares if I have correct stays, or modern undergarments that will give the sillouette needed for a Regency dress? No one is going to be seeing them, right? =)

With this stripe skirt, I am wearing an a-line bridal crinoline and I guess that isn't "period correct," but then neither is a hoop skirt for the 1850's. I came to the point of, "I don't care" and bought what I wanted. =)

LOL, didn't mean to write so much ... I should have e-mailed you. ::wink::