Monday, December 03, 2007

"The Perfect Winter Skirt"

If you know me, when I see something I really like, I usually try to make one just like it. (I have been, shall I say, convicted in that area though... I mean, really, do I need everything I want?) With a few guidelines from Laura (thankyou SO much!), I made a skirt very similar to her's. Since she is about 4 to 5" taller than I, I had to adjust the lengths of the tiers, but I think it turned out ok. It too has the faux muslin petticoat that was hemmed in eyelet! What I can say: I love it! =)
Now I'm off to sew up another skirt, but this time it is for my historical outfit that I will wear this weekend for our string quartet performance. I also found out last week that I need to make a black vest to wear with it. Sometime I'll have to find the time to make a mock-up, and then the real thing...


Anonymous said...

What a fun skirt! I had a quick question to ask you... do you like corduroy? My mom said to only have it for special occasion dresses as it wears out fast. But I just love it!!!

My little sister (wesley) is so excited to get her bookmarks!! Thanks for sharing your great talent with us! Oh, and I just wanted to tell you something kind of funny... I read a lot of blogs (like biblicalwomanhood, yours, and other wonderful christian women's blogs) and my mom can never keep them straight. So we have kind of funny ways to remember... and she remembers you as the amazing seamstress!!! It is so true! You are amazing! It's too bad that you don't live near by, I would pay you to give me sewing instructions!!

Have a great wintry day!

Cheri said...

Hello Alexandrea! Yes, I do like corduroy. It does tend to be "bulky" but it does keep one warm! The corduroy that we get at the fabric stores seems to hold up very nicely. I made a couple corduroy jumpers years ago, and they have still lasted for me.

I hope to get your sisters bookmarks out in the mail today. Your compliments are so sweet, thankyou. =)

Rachel said...

Nice skirt! I'll have to keep that one in mind for next time I need winter clothes... :) I wouldn't have thought to use a pattern like that with corderoy, but I like the way it turned out. 'Twould be cute with a peasant shirt, too (though that wouldn't work for winter).

Cheri said...

Thanks, Rachel. =)

Wouldn'tcha know, I'm wearing my 3/4 sleeved peasant shirt with the corduroy skirt today. =) It matches perfectly and looks so ... "peasantish." ::wink::

BTW, thanks for your e-mails. I'll see if I can reply to them soon. Right now I am starting to panic about my outfit for Saturday, on top of other music related stuff.

Andrea said...

I LOVE it, Cheri! I think I may get addicted to this kind of skirt pattern. I found a very nice denim one at a thrift store a couple weeks ago, and just yesterday, I redid the skirt on an "experiment" dress I was making. The first skirt did NOT turn out, and I didn't have enough matching material to do another normal skirt. So.....thanks to your idea and post, I used my larger scraps to make a tiered skirt. Fun!

(Hugs) to you! I need to write you, badly! Hopefully soon!

Love you!

Laura said...

Nice job, Cheri! I like the way yours turned out, and your sweater looks cute with it. It looks like you did take some of the fullness out as well as the length. Anyway, I'm glad I could help! :)

neuropoet3 said...

I LOVE this skirt! I want one! :) Yes, yes, I don't need everything I want - but I only have a couple winter skirts. Hmmmm.... :)