Monday, February 11, 2008

::Drumroll:: Our winner is....

...Joanne R. who wins the denim tote bag! (Yes, Mrs. R, it will match a skirt that you purchased when we had a sewing business) =)

Congrats, and I will get that shipped off today!


Maiden Of Virtue said...



reinigej said...

Wow! I won?!
I've been so busy I forgot to look until now. This is my every other
Wednesday off. Influenza is going around, and maybe I should recommend CVS' Immune Booster to everyone. I have been taking it, and Cod liver oil. The thing is that it's really Jesus Christ who holds everything together and ultimately all of our efforts are nothing compared to His overwhelming grace. Anyway I've been swabbing dozens of noses for two weeks and a beautiful tote bag will really be a nice treat right now.