Monday, February 18, 2008

Sneak Peak!

After being gone all last week, I had no time to sew for my new little shop. But I did have a couple things already-sewn that I have added to it, and I hope that with some time to sew this week, I can add more things as I finish them!

Click here to see my little etsy shop!

EDITED TO ADD: Those aprons sold quickly! I am trying to contrain myself, by allowing only the morning hours for sewing while leaving the afternoon and evening for violin practice. =) I was able to finish up another charming apron, which I have listed, and decided to try selling tatted bookmarks too! Take a look if your curious! =) Hope to continue to add more stuff this week...


Clare said...

I'm so glad to see that you've opened your store! I recently bought a bed-jacket made from a 1940's pattern from your Ebay store, and just love it (I posted pictures at my blog). You do a great job with your sewing and I look forward to purchasing some items in future from your Etsy store.

God bless!

Cheri said...

Hi Clare, Thanks for dropping by! It is always fun to hear from my customers! =)

I'll have to swing by your blog and take a look... =)

Paula said...
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