Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy, busy!

Well, I never did get everything sewn last weekend like I wanted, =) but I was able to get that Regency Robe finished up and sent off which was a good feeling. Whew, the skirts take up so much time. It turned out well though, and I think she'll be pleased.

Right now my side of the sewing room is a complete disaster...piles of cut out items ready to be sewn, boxes and containers of fabric, scraps, and patterns cover a good majority of the walking space in there. LOL, I'm not sure where to start!

My problem, I think, is that I have so many ideas and plans for this pattern or that fabric rather than taking one item and completing it before do anything else. Hmm, maybe I should have been a designer? I'm still concocting an apron design in my head, but getting it out on paper is quite a different story. No worries, the design isn't THAT complicated, but ... okay, maybe that doesn't make sense.

LOL, maybe I'll just sign off and tackle the mess so I can at least find my sewing machine. After all, we're having company this weekend, (my younger brother, who will be 17...!!! having a sleepover party with friends from school and then we're having some family-friends over on Sunday) and I'd feel quite embarrassed should they take a peek in the room.

And for all you fellow apron-lovers, take a peek at this darling apron pattern up on ebay. ::sniffs:: I want it, but I can't allow myself to spend that much on it!

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