Saturday, March 15, 2008

An apron for Molly

Just the other day I moved my vintage patterns that were stuffed in a little plastic container into a box that would allow twice as many patterns that I already have, to fit in comfortably. My favorite part about the recycled box was the label:

I have vintage patterns ranging from the late 1890's/early 1900's to the 1970's. ::grins:: I don't consider the 80's patterns to be vintage yet.

A few weeks ago I tried one of my 40's apron patterns. I loved the sweet, feminine details about the 3 different designs, and I chose the far left design:

And I can't say I was very pleased with some of the actual design when sewing it. For one thing, how do you bind a sharp 90 degree angle/corner with bias tape? Next time, I'm rounding off the back skirt edges like my 30's apron! The neck strap also needs some major help, along with a few other things that I wasn't thrilled about.

So rather than dumping it off in the trash can or giving it to the thrift store, Molly wanted it! It might be a tad big on her, but if she likes it I'm happy!

I did however like the places where they said to use "trim" and I used the last of my vintage tan rick-rack. It seems to add a finishing touch that makes it appealing despite all the other failed assets of the apron! =)


Tilly said...

Oh that's pretty! *ahem* may I say that I have some of that fabric? :) I bought yards and yards of it when it was on sale years ago. :)

As for the bias tape corners, you just have to sort of "miter"'s actually fairly simple, and just takes a bit of fiddling with to get right. I'm sure you can find some pictures online...I learned on one of the modern patterns I used...not sure which one, but it's really easy once you figure it out! Don't give up just yet. ;-)

Cheri said...

I used to have a dress out of that fabric, but it seemed to wrinkle more than most cottons, so it never became a favorite. I love the old-fashionedness about the fabric though. :)

Miter? Hmm, that's a new term for me! I'll have to look it up...