Saturday, March 22, 2008

Grassy-Green Peasant Shirt

While at the antique store the other day, my eye spotted this 70's looking fabric that seemed to be begged to be made into a peasant shirt. And since some ice-skating injuries are really bothering me today, I decided to forgo the project of my apron designing/making and sew this up.

Thought it would be perfect for a certain strawberry-blonde, but she has to many peasant shirts in her closet already*, so she apted to put it up in her shop instead.

*She doesn't think so, but everybody else probably would! They're like aprons, says she ... who can ever have to many?


Sarah Jane Meister said...

Oooh, GORGEOUS! I ***LOVE*** the color!

Cheri said...

Thankyou, very 70's huh? =) For some reason, it looks a little bit more like a "lime" green in the pictures, and I couldn't capture the way it looks in real life, but if it doesn't sell, I am going to keep it myself! =D

Katie said...

Did you design your own pattern, or do you use an existing commercial pattern? I've made a couple of peasant shirts without a pattern, and I'm not having 100% excellent success with it. I find it hard to judge how large to cut the sleeves (ending up with ones that are way too wide of diameter), and I don't have enough room in the torso of the shirt. I don't like most of the patterns I've seen. But your shirts turn out so cute!

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. ;-)

Katie from WA

Cheri said...

Thanks, Katie! =) No, I do not use an exsisting commerial pattern. I made it up off of a thrift-store find.

If your sleeves are too wide, I would suggest "pinching" the middle of your sleeve pattern how ever much you think you need to narrow it down.

The torso part of mine isn't like a tunic or really baggy/roomy, so it depends on how much room you like. From the top of the side seam to the bottom of the side seam (ie. hem), you could always add room there . I was going to mention slashing the whole thing to add room, but if there is enough fullness up where the gathers are, you probably don't need to do that.