Friday, March 21, 2008

To name or not to name an apron?

Or another title: Putting the Cart before the Horse

You all were so amazing with your helpful suggestions and comments in the last post that I had to ask one more question (totally unrelated, and hmm...maybe it's a couple questions):

Should I name the apron that I'm designing?

If not, should I label it something simple such as what it was designed after? (ie. the era from which it was inspired from, Bib or Half apron etc...)

If so, should I call it Plain Jane or Rosa Jane?

I can't decide, and while the design is fairly simple, it will have some special touches that give it a charming look. Right now I'm finished with the drafting stages and I want to make my muslin tomorrow. I'm itching to tell you all more about it, or at least give you a simple drawing of it to get your opinon, =) but I think I'll wait to see if my trial run will even turn out or not.


Lauren Christine said...

I don't know which till I see it :) But I love the idea of naming it! Remember though, this is the girl who named the apartment we live in! (Hubby just chuckled) :-D

Sarah Jane Meister said...

I vote for the Rosa Jane. There is something alluring in the "Rosa" part of it. :) You could always call it the "Sarah Jane" LOL :)

Can't wait to see it!

Maria Pauline said...

I like Rosa Jane better than Plain Jane(needs more syllables or something).

But I would recommend naming your apron after you make it, then you know what kind of personality it has.

Anonymous said...

Rosa Jane sounds really cute!