Saturday, November 15, 2008

1970's Halter Style Apron

Remember seeing this patter that I bought while out in MI? Seeing how immodest it would be by itself, I thought that with some altering and adjustments, it would make a really cute apron!
And this is how it turned out! I think I just found another favorite apron pattern. ::grins:: Not only is is fun and flattering, it is really an easy apron to put on since you don't have the fuss of shoulder straps to mess with.
Now if it was made into a blue toile fabric, I would have kept it. Hands down. But since this fabric isn't me, I put it up in the shop this morning. However, I still didn't want to take it off (one has to try stuff on to see if it fits!) when it came time to take pictures. =)


Sarah Jane said...

Oh Cheri it's beautiful! I think this is my favorite apron style yet. It is SO cute!

Kristy said...

The apron is so incredibly cute!! :-)
How creative of you!

LeneJ said...

Cute apron! I love the other styles you have too.

Do you ship only inside the US? I looked at Etsy..

Cheri said...

Thanks ladies! I have another one cut out, ready to be sewn, and to add to the shop. =)

LeneJ, I will shipped outside of the US everynow and then if I get requests for it.