Friday, January 23, 2009

Of tea, sewing, and Dickens

Today is one of those cold snowy days where you want to curl up underneath an afghan or quilt, and read a book. But because of a sudden busy schedule this weekend, and a waking up to a migraine this morning, I don't have hours to sit down and get cozy.

I do have a small amount of time however at this moment to fix myself a cup of some *tea from England and watch an episode of Bleak House. I might try to work on hand sewing the bias fabric to bind my sleeve and waist seams too...

*I was only to delighted to see this lovely canister of tea being sold at a local family-owed discount grocery store. It cost me $2.44 for 50 sachets. The tea is delicious, and the container will grace the kitchen counter for awhile.


Sarah Jane said...

Yesterday was a drink-tea-and-read-Dickens sort of day here, too. The container is so pretty! (and I love your teacup in the background) :) I'm currently in David Copperfield - here's hoping to more days like yesterday so I can get further into the book!

Brielle said...

I so enjoyed looking at your blog... I think I shall visit it often... :) The blue and white skirt you made is so cute.. I love the look with the shoes and leather purse.

The regencey gown you are making with the white fabric is so pretty...might I ask where you found that fabric?

I hope you have a lovely day..


I am on the S&S forum or I also have a blog... (I am trying to get it moved to another server because I am graduated and probably shouldn't be on homeschoolblogger any more...)

P.S. I really enjoy Bleak House also...and the costumes!

Cheri said...

Sarah Jane, someday I would really like sit down and READ the books of the movies I like to watch. =) Do you like David Copperfield?

Brielle, thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I'll have to check out your blog as well. =)

I bought the white voile fabric from JoAnn's red tag section nearly a year ago.