Friday, February 06, 2009

At Long Last!

I know that I've already posted twice today, but I could help but get so excited about Mrs. Chancey's new Edwardian Apron for girls that just came out!

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Isn't it just the sweetest thing?! I'm ordering my copy right away, and if you click on the Sense & Sensibility pattern link to the right of this post (you may have to scroll a tiny bit) you can order your e-pattern too!

I have a feeling some mother and daughter look-alike aprons will be in my shop soon... =)


Michelle said...

OOOO I like.

Hey, you got an award! Come see!

Also wanted to tip you off to an *awesome* apron book I found in our local quilt shop. Its called A is for Apron - here's a link to it on Amazon

Cheri said...

Aww, I feel honored. Thankyou so much!