Thursday, June 10, 2010


Before I left for TX, I finished up this apron for a friend who is getting married. Contrary to what you may think, I do sew with other apron patterns than my own. =) This one is probably my favorite of "outside patterns" as it so easy to sew, and fits a wide variety of sizes easily.
What is fun about this pattern is that it is reversible, too, and the ties are so long you can wear them in front if you wish!

Hooked? =) Here is the link for the website page where you can purchase a pattern for yourself! She also has an etsy shop, too, which is located at this link.
Happy apron sewing!


Kathleen S. said...

I love this apron! Especially the darker side...with the ties in front. I'm making one like that in burgundy.....ah. :)

Sarah said...

MAN!! Can you have a giveaway RIGHT NOW?

Linda N. said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I have loved this pattern from the moment I first saw it. But it's been hard for me to come to grips paying that much for a pattern. I might just have to do it though. You've inspired me again!

~ Shannon said...

Adorable! And I love the fabrics you chose -- the contrast of the black and white is so charming!


Cheri said...

You all know how to make my day! =) Thankyou for being so kind as to take a moment and write something.

Sorry, Sarah, I'm not doing a giveaway on this particular apron. If we lived closer/saw each other more often, I'd be happy to loan the pattern out.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this apron! Thanks for sharing! I don't sew myself but will see if a good friend of mine could do it for me. Thank you again!