Tuesday, June 08, 2010

She's back, and with announcements!

Thanks to all of you who gave well-wishes in my last post! My two week stay in Dallas was fabulous, and many exciting things happened violinistically (that is a word, isn't it?) =) speaking. I'm looking forward to seeing how God uses the things I learned and am applying for His use in the future. Stay tuned for a public violin blog, for any violinists out there. A show of hands, please? =)

Meanwhile other exciting things were happening in my family too. Some of you may recall my traveling out to PA last fall to be in my sister's new CD. She is a gifted harpist, and already has two albums out, and her third was going to be more of a Celtic/Irish style with flute, pennywhistle, ocarina, and harp of course. She wanted violin on two of the songs, so I'm on there too. =) All that said, those CD's all packaged, shrink-wrapped, boxed, and shipped arrived not to long ago! If you're interested, the latest CD is This is My Father's World.

The other exciting thing is that I have finally influenced my other talented sister, who is a photographer, to open up an etsy shop of her own! She is always going somewhere to shoot a wedding, maternity or senior portraits, etc, but lately she has been getting fun things made from her amazing work such as note cards, magnets, key chains, etc. Do check her out, "heart her shop," or drop her a note to ask about her other work. She's got photos of nearly everything under the sun than could be made into cards, or whatever . . . you'll make her day! PS. Her stuff is high-quality matierals that she orders from professional companies.


Anonymous said...

I just was checking out your sister's pages...esp Erin's...we live about 45 mins from the studio where her cd's were recorded...and I've had several friends record there, too. :-)

What a small world!

~eunice b
rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

Sarah Jane said...

Oh Cheri!! How exciting! I'm a shirking violinist. :P That is, I know how to play and love to play, but probably have not taken mine out of the case for the past few months. I have been cultivating my love for the guitar instead. I would love to follow a violin blog if you decide to start one.

~Amy~ said...

Ooh! I'm a violinist. That would be fun!

Rachel said...

A violin blog sounds fun!

Jane G Meyer said...

I have a violin. Does that count? I learned to play preschool songs on it when I was eight and then never had the heart to give that beautiful instrument away when I decided to become a gymnast instead.

Fun to read about your sisters, too.

Anna said...

Another violinist raises her hand! If you were to start a violin blog, I would be interested to read it... just don't ask me to comment!


Cheri said...

Yay for violinists! And I love comments, too! =)

If you want to e-mail me at ajoyfulhandmaiden AT yahoo DOT com I'll send you the link. That way if there is anything I need to fix/change/add that what is already up, I can do it before I announce it anywhere. =)