Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Going Retro Instead

All of you ladies were so encouraging with my post on the 1905 blouse, and I seriously was going to wear the accessories too. However with my recent custom orders (and getting another one) I've been informed that two of them m.u.s.t. be finished this week. That means 4 aprons, 1 dress, and 1 jumper must be completed by Saturday.

So...I won't have time to sew my blouse for our church's "Old Fashioned Sunday" on Independence Day. But that doesn't mean I can't dress old fashioned. If I can find my cream cotton Folkwear Gibson-Girl blouse and a prairie skirt I'll wear that and will look very pioneer (something which our pastor eluded to on Sunday), but my sisters and I are leaning toward a 1940-ish retro look with red lipstick and nail polish, netted hats, and heels. Never before have I tried to pull off that look, as I tend to like the 1930s era and my other sisters like the 40s era, so we'll see what happens! =) Any tips from you gals would be fabulous!

For the picnic I'm bringing a cherry pie using my Grandma's award-winning recipe, and some of these lemon bars (if I have time to run to the store for lemons!) for dessert.


Laura said...

How fun! I hope you will post pictures! Hmmm, my advice is that L'Oreal 450 "Lady Luck" is a great shade of retro red nail polish. :)

Lady Kate said...

How fun! I wish our church would have an old-fashioned Sunday too. If you're going retro, be sure to turn your collar up…;)

Elisabeth said...

Please give us a picture when you get all dressed up! Sounds like tonnes of fun!

Cheri said...

Thanks so much, Laura! I'll have to check our Walmart to see if they have that shade. Any suggestions as to a shade in lipstick? I've never worn it (only clear lip gloss on special occasions) so I'm rather aloof! =)

Yes everyone, I'll be sure to get a couple pictures!

Laura said...

Cheri, for retro red I have a hard time finding a "perfect" shade of red that is neither too blue nor too orange, so I end up mixing two shades. :-/ The ones I have are L'Oreal Colour Riche 320 "Red" and L'Oreal Endless 300 "Crimson Joy." After my wedding (with my '30s get-up, see profile photo) I wore Lancome "Simmering" which is not a bright, true red but a little softer with some brown in it. If you're not a lipstick gal you might feel more comfortable wearing something a little more subtle that still gives the suggestion of red.