Thursday, July 15, 2010

An afternoon with Laura

Two years ago I met Laura. That is, in real life. For a couple years prior to that we "met" on Sense and Sensibility's online sewing forum, and we both read each other's blogs. But it was alot fun to actually meet her (and also her husband, Douglas, though at the time, her fiance) in person at Starbucks and Denver Fabrics a couple years ago.

And this afternoon I had the pleasure of seeing her again. We had to make our visit short due to a dinner engagement that my sister and I were apart of, but we made the most of it by going antique shopping. I think if Laura and I lived closer, we'd be pretty good friends as we have alot of similar interests. =) I was also glad to have met her adorable young chap of 7 months, Edmund.

If you don't already read Laura's blog, it is a delightful one to follow that full of beautiful things and thoughts. Might as well visit her sewing gallery, too. Talk about inspiration!

Thankyou, Laura, for a fun but short afternoon! =)


Marci said...

What a wonderful picture! And such a delight to have spent the afternoon with a friend! So glad you had a good time.

Sarah Jane said...

How fun! I've met several ladies from the S&S forum in "real life" and it is always so wonderful to visit with them and know that, yes, indeed there are kindred spirits! I'd love to meet you and Laura someday!

And little Edmund - can there be any baby more adorable than he is?! What a dear little fellow!

Laura said...

Cheri, now that we're back from the mountains I'm catching up on my blogs this morning. Thanks for your kind words -- it was a delightful afternoon! I wish we did live closer... maybe one of these days! :-)