Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Let me introduce to you yet another apron! =) I picked up "Charlotte" last summer at an antique store and right away snatched it as my own. Not only was it full of charm, but as a musician, I l.o.v.e.d. the musical notes on it. The largest notehead being a pocket. Now you understand why I had to have it! ::nodds::

Over the course of two weeks, I was able to make a pattern off of it, and go through my stash of fabrics to see what would suit this pattern, and what notions would fit a normal pocket. Not everyone is a musician, you know.
I just finished the very first this afternoon, and it is up in the SHOP for your viewing!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME apron ... the one with music notes!! I absolutely LOVE it!! Being a musician too (piano & violin) I also have a "thing" for music notes...I see them everywhere too. The note pocket is so amazing. Thanks for sharing!!