Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Christmas Ball!

Earlier this week I received a personal invitation to a 19th century Christmas ball! Now, the reasons why I'm so elated by it is because it's the first one I've ever been invited to (but only because there aren't very many of the kind around here) and a kindred spirit thought of the sweet idea to invite me!

But laying that aside, I've got all excited about it, sort of like a dreamy Cinderella feeling, or a giddy Lydia Bennet excitement, or an Anne Shirley ecstasy, while trying to figure out if it would fit into my super busy schedule these days. And if it would work out, what would I wear? The suggested appropriate attire was in the Jane Austen through Charles Dickens era, and since I have very little knowledge or skill in the Dickens wardrobe, and Regency is a favorite, I've come up with two dresses that I'm tossing back in forth for inspiration ideas.

Marianne Dashwood's teal blue silk evening gown,
or Emma Woodhouse's pink evening gown"Putting the cart before the horse" you may be whispering behind your computer screens, but it is fun to dream every once in awhile. =) If anything comes into fruition, you may depend upon details of the preparation and of the event itself!


Rachel said...

Oh, delightful!! Sounds like so much fun...and I love the teal gown. I think you'd look good in a color like that. I can relate to the making-new-finery-for-party syndrome. We have our Colonial party tomorrow night and I've been working on a green wool caraco jacket to match my petticoat. Don't know if I'll have it done, but it's going to be lovely...I hope. :)

Laura said...

Aww, I hope you can make it! I'm so looking forward to doing some English Country dancing again. :) I was tempted to make some new Regency things for the three of us but I know that I just don't have the time. Funnily enough that dress of Marianne's was one I was musing over, too. :) I think I can still fit into my white voile dress so I will be content with that.

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

I like Emma Woodhouse's pink evening gown the best! I like them both but Emmas is my fav. I hope you can go!! Have a blessed day!


April said...

My first thought when I saw the invite was not, "Hmm...I wonder if I can realistically go?" it was, "Oh YAY! What shall I wear?"


I hope we can both go! :-)

Cheri said...


Were you able to finish your jacket? It sounds lovely! If you're able, can you post pictures? I always get so inspired to sew when seeing your projects. =)


I should hopefully know within the next several days if it will work out. If it does, I'll probably try to re-create Marianne's dress. One thing I like about the drop-front option on the basic Regency gown pattern, is that one can wear modern "foundations" with that pattern. I doubt I'll have enough time to make a bodiced petticoat or short stays and chemise on top of a silk gown!


Emma's pink gown is indeed lovely! All of the "new" Emma's dresses and gowns are ones I want to try to re-create someday. So beautiful. My favorite dress out of her wardwobe is the pale yellow with blue flowers.


It would indeed be delightful if both of us could go! Perhaps I could ride along with you, if you do go? Or we could split the cost of gas, or something?

Elinor Dashwood said...

How exciting!! I'm going to a Christmas ball this year too! I'll be posting about my dress soon on my blog.
Can't wait to see what you make! :-D