Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Last of Her Kind

I would have never guessed when I hosted an apron giveaway over three years ago, that people would still rave about the adorable black and white tea cup print with red trimming. It is sadly out of print, and extremely hard to find. Quite sometime ago I found an ebay seller who sold me all that she had, and earlier this week I discovered that I had just enough fabric to make one more apron out of what was left of it.
It is not for me, (quite a pity!) as I have chosen to offer it to anyone who was still hoping to purchase this A Joyful Handmaiden-classic apron.
In honor of it being the very last, I added my special tag to the inside back strap.


Lauren said...

Oh Cheri, I love this apron! I'm one of those who still remembers the first one. : ) If only I weren't a poor college student....

I also wanted to say how good it is to be hearing from you again. I never commented before, but I've read your blog for a while. Being a seamstress myself, I'm always inspired by your projects. You are so talented!

In Christ-


{ T G L } said...

What a great apron! Feminine without being too frilly, fun yet stylish but most of all: very, very practical. I still need a good apron but I live in Europe, sadly. The apron I currently use is a man's (!) apron that was given for free with a six pack of beer that my husband bought one day! :)

This Good Life