Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Evening Thoughts

Many thanks to you ladies who have been generous in delightful welcome over the last few days, as well as to the dear ladies who left comments here on the blog the other day.

The sewing table has been cleaned up and everything put into a semi-organized fashion that would allow me to start working on projects. The fabric bin however needs to be replenished, since I believe it was nearly emptied before I left. Is anyone wanting to get rid of any stashes? :)

My container of tatting thread and patterns have been left out, and while relaxing over Sense and Sensibility this afternoon, two bookmarks were completed. Hopefully by the end of the week, several more will make their appearance in the Threads of Color shop. Design ideas or color suggestions are always welcomed.

Before I left, a major pruning was seen in my closet and among other possessions, and now that I'm back, it seems as though a second wave of deep-cleaning has hit me that I've already made several errands to the local thrift stores to drop things off and hopefully the consignment shop can be visited twice to sell a few things to them. With living off of very little in the south, and then coming home to all my things, I'm certain that I've become rather materialistic! A rather sad confession, isn't it? But in a way, it's good to realize anew how the things of this world are nothing in comparison to the things we have in Christ.

Dusk has settled in and I'm thinking an evening cup of tea and a thoughtful book will finish this day off quiet nicely. I have several books who seem to be calling my name to open their covers. Are there any books that have been added to your list of favorites this year?


Marci said...

Love the new look! So glad you're back in Colorado! Gorgeous work done this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheri,
Welcome, happy to see your back!
Looking forward to seing your new projects.

{ T G L } said...

Hi Cheri,

Tea sounds good... I'll brew a nice big pot of tea for myself a little later as well and settle down to write some letters. If you're passionate about tea, you might enjoy the tea series I am blogging about on my blog. Just click on the tag named 'tea' or scroll down a little.