Monday, May 09, 2011

A Gift for Mother on a Budget

Arriving home as a very poor college student left me with very few options in wanting to give my mother a gift for Mother's Day. Earlier this week as I was browsing a local thrift store, I spotted three lovely machine-embroidered squares. One especially looked as though it would fit in with the colors of home, and the price tag of 50 cents made it even more attractable.

I pulled out a square piece of dotted pink and cream home-decor fabric from my scrap bin, and some cream piping from my stash of notions to sew up a pillow in no time. My sister let me use some of her polyester filling to fill it with, since the pillow forms I have were to large.

Using these things made this gift less than $1 to make, and most importantly, Mom says she loves it!


Laura said...

It's so lovely, Cheri -- great job! No wonder your Mom loves it! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and creative idea!

♥ Kimmi's Corner ♥ said...

WOW! You did an amazing job. Homemade gifts are the bests!