Monday, May 30, 2011

Tea Essentials

Memorial Day sales at the thrift stores are my favorite. Today's treasures included three spools of tatting thread in size 30 (very hard to find!), a William Sonoma cookbook featuring chicken recipes, lovely white damask cloth napkins that appear to be unused, and my most expensive item today was the Victorian Rose china. Four little mugs, four soup bowls, and three dinner plates for $3.50 isn't to bad, especially for Laura Ashley. I'll be hard pressed to find a replacement plate for that price alone.
It's kind of exciting when you pray for things, and the Lord answers them. "Lord, what about white cloth napkins for my tea party? If the china is on sale, then I know you are saving it for me" have been a few of my prayers, as I've had my eye on these items for a couple of weeks, but didn't want to pay full price. They were there today and 50% off. :) The pair of antique silver candlesticks were gone, but that's okay. God must have something else in mind.

For years I have wanted to host a tea party of some sort, and it is finally becoming a reality next week. If I can get the back part of the house cleaned up in time, I'd like it to be outdoors near the gardens and blooming lilac bushes.

My menu is for the most part already together, but if any of you could/would offer any other thoughts or ideas, I'd be most grateful!

-Tea, of course!

-Clotted Cream Biscuits (from the Norfolk Manor in England)

-British Chocolate Tea Cakes

-British "Finger" chocolate cookies

-Scones with homemade cherry jam

-Watercress & Cucumber sandwiches

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Samantha said...

Beautiful set of dishes, Cheri!!