Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feminine Fun

My friend Laura has been sharing pictures of the vintage looking shoes from the early 1990s that she's been able to pick up, and is reselling. If you happen to wear the lucky 7.5 size shoes, take a look!

It must be that God took pity on me and my shoe size, and so last week He brought to my attention a lovely brown pair of 1990's vintage looking shoes. They were an answer to prayer (while I loved the ones Laura posted, I really wasn't struggling with covetousness. Honest!) as I've been needing some kind of brown dressy shoes to go along with my natural-toned outfits for church.

The brand of Sofft, and inside the shoe it says that the company has been established since 1927. I'm glad that the era has been somewhat showcased in this style of shoe. I have never been a fan of pointed shoes, but the point on these are ever so subtle that I don't mind it.

Hmm, I'm not modeling the shoes in the picture below. What could it mean? Are you curious? I'm not going to tell you anything, but a thankyou to those who gave their thoughts in regards to this post.

I'm really excited about it, too! ;)


Laura said...

Thanks for the "link love," Cheri -- I really appreciate it! Your shoes are GREAT -- nice find!! You're right, they are "my style" as I have a similar pair of Sofft heels (although mine are black). ;-)

Are you selling the skirt in the photo? It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes!!

I'm going to guess that you made the skirt in the photo?

Anonymous said...

SOfft shoes are great shoes and very pricey when bought new so be very excited those shoes are beautiful, I love it when God grants us the little things

Cheri said...

Patience, dears, patience. ;)

Thankyou for your sweet comments regarding the shoes. They are fun!