Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Beginnings

Well, I can't contain my enterprise anymore.

After I wrote this post earlier this month, and wondering if I should give up sewing entirely for a season, some kind readers left comments on my blog in response. Despairingly, I came up with an excuse for every one...

Making custom-made clothing was, is, and forever will be out of the question. My sister and I did that for over 5 years and it was such a headache for us. I tip my hat off to people who are more talented than we are in this department.

Creating swimsuits just doesn't seem wise when there are so many modest-apparel companies out there who offer them, as well as patterns for them. If you're creative and don't mind looking around hard enough, you can find modest swimsuits that are store bought.

Sorry dear friend but making maternity clothing, let alone selling them is definitely not on my list of things to sew! Maybe someday I'll have the privilege of being able to make and wear such apparel myself, but until then, I'll leave that department to those experienced! :)

Modest and feminine apparel in general is so readily available now days either through home business that have their own online companies or mail order catalogs, young women from homeschool groups can be found sewing for other families, and if you like thrift store shopping as much as I do, you probably find alot of nice feminine apparel that way.

But..... my creative and visionary juices started flowing with rapid speed. It dawned on me that when beginning a sewing project, I usually have to have some kind of inspiration to begin with. A painting, a photograph, a movie, a specific reason (Chhheeerrrriiiiii, I need a nightgown! Can you make me one?) or seeing a friend's skirt in person, and I think, "Ooo! I like that!" Sometimes it takes just a glance or two to where I could re create it. Sometimes it's the historical film that is paused for 10 minutes for me to figure out just how that front piece is shaped. Other times I write to friends and beg them for their skirt measurements to make one for myself. ;)

Yes, I'll confess that I can be a very good copy catter. Perhaps it's a second-born thing, but then maybe it's just a human tendency... Either way, the visionary in my thoughts and ideas were forming into... TA DA!.... making things off of other things; store-bought skirts mostly since they are easy to make and not always easy to find. I got really excited the more I thought about it.

Considering the cost of materials, notions, and my time, I want to be fair in price and so if there is ever something that you think is not fair, please, please, PLEASE don't hesitate to write to me. It's be awhile since I've made anything for the public other than aprons, totes, and a few peasant shirts!

So with great trepidation yet excitement, this evening I'm pleased to announce the humble beginnings of a little online shop.

Tally, according the Thesaurus, is defined as : [to] be similar or consistent. Synonyms: accord, answer, attune, be in harmony, blend, click, cohere, coincide, concert, concord, concur, conform, consort, correspond, equal, fall in with, fit, get along with, go hand in hand, go together, go well with, harmonize, jibe, match, parallel, square, suit, synchronize, tally


Samantha R. said...

How exciting and what a great idea!! It's hard to find a nice skirt and one that is priced fairly too :)

Marci said...

Praise the Lord! I can hardly wait to see what the Lord has prepared for you!

DelightinginHim said...

I already added you to my shops because I know I am going to find something I love that you make for your new store! :D Excited about this new adventure!

Laura said...

Neat idea, Cheri! I pray the Lord will bless your new shop!

LOL on the maternity clothes; I probably would have felt the same way before I had Edmund! ;-)

Jecca said...

brilliant idea, cheri!