Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Selling used skirts!

Somone mentioned to me a while back that I should consider selling some of my thrift store finds, and at the time it wasn't so appealing (why would I want to sell them if I liked them so much?). :) I got to thinking how I wouldn't just have to sell my clothing, but offer other cute skirts that may not be my style or size. Of course they must be modest, modern, (no "old ladyish" pleated skirts from the 70s and 80s!) feminine, high quality name brands, and only in like-new, gently worn condition.
Just today I added two skirts and will be putting more up in the near future. Yes, the free shipping code can be used on them until mid-night tonight!

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Anonymous said...

And you don't have to be limited to clothing. With a little research, you can train your eye to know what is collectible in the vintage/namebrand world (like the Vera bag you sold). It seems the trick to reselling is knowing what is popular and keep your eyes open for those items. Maybe start with something that appeals to you, read up about it, then research how it does on eBay etc... Just a thought, anyway. Best of luck to you.