Monday, September 05, 2011


Having a three-day weekend is indeed very nice. I decided to take Saturday off and then do homework today. So I went shopping and my excursions brought me to a store that I always thought was an online business until a few months ago: Anthropologie.
The prices are way beyond my range online, and their sales aren't exactly "sales" to this thrift-store shopper, but the real-life store had more reasonable sales, or so I thought. Or maybe I was to excited and spell-bound to notice?
In either case, I bought something.
A maxi dress. It comes with a name of "Valence Chemise" but I think paired with the right blouse and slip underneath, it will make for a perfect summer dress.
It is described as a lightweight ruffled cotton imbued with a mint (hmph! it's honestly more blue than green and I'm not color blind!) paisley print from spaghetti straps to toe-brushing tiers.
I like it.
I love it.
Thanks, Anthropologie! I shall be back when my pocket book allows for it!


Achaia said...

LOVE Anthropologie!! I've only got to shop in the store once (we don't have any around here), but I am completely smitten and stalk their website, and search around on eBay for more reasonable prices.

The dress you got is beautiful, Cheri!

The Sesquipedalitist said...

Oooh, I do love some of their, albeit pricey, things! Pairing a shirt with this is a lovely idea...