Sunday, September 18, 2011

A September Evening Stroll

"September days have the warmth of summer in their briefer hours, but in their lengthening evenings a prophetic breath of autumn. The cricket chirps in the noontide, making the most of what remains of his brief life. The bumblebee is busy among the clover blossoms of the aftermath, and their shrill and dreamy hum hold the outdoor world above the voices of the song birds, now silent or departed." - September Days, by Rowland E. Robinson, Vermont.

"Happy we who can bask in this warm September sun, which illumines all creatures, as well when they rest as when they toil, not without a feeling of gratitude; whose life is as blameless, how blameworthy soever it may be, on the Lord’s Mona-day as on his Suna-day." - Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862


The Scarlet Thread said...

Beautiful post! : )


Ella said...

Fall is my favorite season.
Good post:)