Sunday, October 02, 2011

An Autumn Skirt

Several weeks ago I shared a couple of close pictures of a skirt that I found via thrift store that I wasn't able to give up. A blog reader asked if I could get some full length shots of the skirt to see the design of it, and it is now October (!) and I'm finally able to grant her request. Maybe. ;)

It is quite interesting to get pictures taken of one's self when there is no one around to "push the button." That is where said person depends on the self timer, but then she had to find a solid object on which to place the camera.

If I stood in the light or the shadow, the pleated hem didn't want to show up well. Or, I'm walking and the way the skirt moves with my step, you can't tell there is anything special about it... ;)
In a couple cases, such as below, I tried zooming in (hence, the blurriness) and was not in any snapshot on my camera, but one. Yay! though not the greatest angle to see the pleats.
After many failed attempts I resorted to the porch and gingerly sat on the swing. I've never seen anyone sit in it yet, and I wasn't so sure it would hold me. ;)
Dear reader, I hope this gives you an idea of what the skirt looks like. All of the pictures are clickable, so they should enlarge for you at least once if not twice.


Elena said...

Oh, it´s beautiful!!!! Thanks for posting the pics!

Rachel said...

:) Your hair's getting long again... Miss you!