Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Delights of the Season

This weekend I went to a couple of apple orchards not considerably far from the college. We had a three day weekend, and I chose one day to do something autumnish. While I had visited a working cider mill in the midwest a few years ago with my Grandparents, it has been well over 20 years since I stepped into an apple orchard so you can imagine my delight.

"She had only to stand in the orchard, to put her hand on a little crab tree and look up at the apples, to make you feel the goodness of planting and tending and harvesting at last." - Willa Cather

I never picked any (what would a college person do with a sizeable bag full of apples and no where to put them?) but I was more than delighted that I was given permission to walk through the orchards, and stopped to sit and reflect awhile where most of the trees had already been combed through, and could hear the voices of young laughter down the hill where the Rome Beauty's were found and picked.

"On the motionless branches of some trees, autumn berries hung like clusters of coral beads, as in those fabled orchards where the fruits were jewels..." - Charles Dickens
After a week of mid-terms, I was so thankful for an enjoyable outing, delicious apple cider and donuts.


Laura said...

How Fun! We went apple picking today in Elijay most of the trees were combed through as well, but we picked half a bushel and bought half a bushel. We went with my sister and nephew. It was so much fun. I hope school is going well!


Hannah said...

Love the shoes!