Saturday, December 31, 2011

OOP McCalls 4645 ~ Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Earlier this week I locked myself away in the sewing room to work on a nightgown for Mother-Dear. She was hoping that it would be finished by Christmas, but time got away from all of us last weekend and all I could manage was cut it out. At least that was done. Anyone else dislike cutting out?

My older sister is the nightgown maker around here (sort of how I'm the one who sews aprons...) and so after consulting her, mom chose an out of print pattern (c. 1989) that was in Erin's stash of a dozen or more nightgown patterns. We started out with the main base of the top right corner, but changed it a bit.
She had enough yardage of a cozy blue flannel with white polka dots to make it all come together just the way she wanted. Mom likes full-length gathered sleeves that had cuffs instead of an elastic drawn ruffle. I added some white piping for visual interest.
She also wanted a high peter-pan collar that would close if needed, and again, I added the white piping to coordinate with the sleeves.
Length was added (4" I think) to the skirt hem, and then I cut out a ruffle to put on the hem to make this a floor length nightgown. I cut out three 45" width panels by 10" so it's quite a full ruffle, but it added a nice touch of femininity.

She has already worn it several times, and so therefore the "crumpled" look. I suppose I could have ironed it after taking it out of her closet for pictures, but the thought didn't occur to me at the time. :)


Crystal Arcand said...

What a lovely, thoughtful gown for Mother-Dear - well-done!

Cheri said...

Thankyou, Crystal. I'm very happy that my mom likes it. :)