Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From the Archives

Very much like my paper journals, I like to go back to the archives of my sewing blog to see what I sewed years ago. In some cases my response was "I sewed that?" with a twinge of disgust, and other things brought back a wistful nostalgia when I remembered hand sewed Regency gowns of silk or learning how to create a circular flounce on the hem of a skirt.

All of the entries on aprons that I posted were full of smiles and joys of "I remember using vintage rick rack for the first time on that one" or "I went to three different stores trying to find a color corresponding bias tape for this fabric." Each one was a special creation that contained much thought and concern as to what color of bias should be used, if lace or a vintage button should adorn a pocket, or if whether this fabric would look good in a different apron pattern or not.
Posted nearly three years ago, I asked a few questions about aprons and if I truly have over 70 blog readers like blogger says I do, perhaps you (yes, you!) :) wouldn't mind dropping a note?

  • What do you look for in an apron?
  • What kind(s) do you like to see being produced?
  • What details do you especially like?
  • Do you prefer buying one ready-made, or making one from a designed pattern?
  • Do you have a favorite pattern, vintage or modern, to recommend?

  • Just because aprons are making me smile this week, perhaps you'll smile too to learn that all of the aprons in Peasant Cottage will be shipped for only a dollar through Friday. :)


    The Scarlet Thread said...

    Hi Cheri,

    Both aprons you posted photos of are lovely! I especially like the first apron with a ruffle at the hem.

    I know this apron requires a lot of fabric, but the Edwardian apron from Sense and Sensibility is lovely. And maybe even aprons for little girls would sell well.

    I purchased an apron from you this past summer for my sister's wedding shower and she just loves it!

    May the Lord bless you in all your new endevours!


    Mrs. White said...

    Aprons are my favorite to make. Both of your aprons are very pretty and look well made!