Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Gathering

It's always a sad time to pull down Christmas decorations (we did so a couple weeks ago lest you think we finally got around to it just now!) but we still like to keep up or display wintery things in our home. A wreath made of pine cones on the front porch, a balsam-ceder candle burning in the evening, thick down blankets to curl under on the couch, and electric candles "burning" in the front windows.

Cool weather is headed this way again (it likes to arrive and then leave quite frequently in our neck of the woods!) and I've been wanting to dress in my woolens again to have a little fun outside.

This afternoon I had fun inside sewing up a Tasha Tudor-inspired apron for gathering such little wintery things like pine branches or petite pine cones.
This evening it found its way into the SHOP with the anticipation of being used by a grateful recipient.

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