Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Half a Dozen in the Shop!

Calico's, peonies & roses, circular pockets and so much more will be found in the way of a half a dozen aprons in the shop this afternoon!

Yes, my sewing machine has been flying at full speed over the last several days, and I've been so anxious to share these goodies with you after each one has been completed but I decided to put them up all at once. There are a few stashed fabrics that I need to pull out and make up a few more, but I'm going to let the sewing machines cool down and give my sore hands a break for a couple of days.

Speaking of "dozen" today, Daddy has a hankering for chocolate chip cookies and I need to go mix up a batch for him. I'll share the recipe soon!


The Scarlet Thread said...

Your new aprons are beautiful!! I love your fabrics. : )


Cheri said...

You are very kind. :) Thankyou!