Saturday, January 28, 2012

If all else fails... up the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

No, nothing failed except my plans on using a delicious recipe that came from a nearby Christian school when they handed the recipe to us several years ago and asked us to use it, and provide four dozen chocolate cookies for their upcoming graduation ceremonies.

My dilemma? It called for instant vanilla pudding, and we had none. I grabbed the first cookbook my eyes saw in our antique kitchen desk (with an enclosed bookshelf on top) and opened it up to the cookie section. Many chocolate cookie recipes and all of them called for instant vanilla pudding.

I grabbed the stained and tattered red and white plaid book and opened it up to their cookie section. Ahhh. A sigh of relief. Something that resembles an actual cookie recipe. It also was the only cookie recipe that called for less than a cup of sugar! Those old-fashioned cookbooks that your mother or grandmother may have in their kitchens may not be quite so unhealthy after all. ;)

Using the recipe, I made three different kinds. Standard chocolate chip, some walnut chocolate chip, and some with crushed Chocolove's dark chocolate raspberry bars in place of the chocolate chips.

I did make my cookies into tablespoon sizes when putting them in the oven instead of using the recommended teaspoon. I also added some half 'n half to the batter since it seemed like there was to much flour. It could have been the kind of flour I used, too, which was a new-to-us Hungarian white flour.

The result? Well, they are all gone, so that should be proof. ;)

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