Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Loveliness of Toile

According to Wikipedia: Toile is the name of a fabric that entered the English language around the 16th century from a French word meaning "linen cloth" or "canvas" — particularly cloth or canvas for painting on. The word toile can refer to the fabric itself, a test garment (generally) sewn from the same material, or a type of surface decoration (traditionally) printed on the same fabric.

Mom likes to decorate with toile by using it in accents around our home, as you can see in this picture of the lampshade and clock on the antique end table in our living room. But there are other things that we have in toile prints. Mom has me looking for a toile settee when I'm out thrifting. :)

So as I mentioned in my post earlier today, I'd have a couple items in the shop that were toile, though I'm quite tardy in listing them. One looses the time quite easily when moseying around in antique shops.

I was originally going to sell them as a set, but at the last mintue decided to list them separately. If you'd like to purchase both, send me a note via etsy, and I'll send you a $2 off coupon code to use when checking out.

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